Friday, December 6, 2013

Funny design multi-purpose storage units: give a face to your house

They are our newest entry but we love them already... we can not simply define them as "storage furniture", they are animated multi-purpose storage units, almost characters from a fairy tale, coming with an original shape and a look inspired by animals or faces. Holes and decorative incisions placed on doors and drawers fronts make the opening easier, they look extremely nice and at the same time they do what they have been designed to do: contain objects.
These Italian design storage units are made of plywood covered in smoothed ash-wood or lacquered mdf, they can be customized with three different colours: white, black and red, three shades which can easily adapt to every kind of environment or furniture piece already present in the house.

For those of you who are still into a more classic idea of a cabinet DiPasqua wardrobe / cabinet is the ideal choice.

DiPasqua multi-purpose cabinet

Rectangular storage unit divided into three compartments with one door and left hinges. Great inside a kitchen as a pantry, in the bedroom as a small wardrobe, in the office to file documents, DiPasqua is versatile and multi-purpose. Furthermore, by putting more storage elements one next to the other it will be possible to create a customized composition allowing to meet the tastes and needs of everyone covering all the space at disposal.
Similar idea in Mangione storage unit, same vertical structure with an additional fourth compartment in an oblique position compared to the rest of the structure.

Mangione kitchen storage unit

The name says it all, Mangione means big eater in Italian: a big body and a face with an open mouth which looks like is about to eat something, the additional hole in the top side of the door reminds an eye. Mangione is ideal in the kitchen to store food or a small cabinet for cleaning products, detergents and rags.
For an utterly original living room we introduce you to Crocodilia a low storage unit with two long drawers.

Crocodilia low storage unit

The design has been inspired, just like the name says, by the shape of a crocodile but, thanks to simple and linear lines, it is an ideal solution for the sitting or living room. You can use it as TV stand or more simply as a surface top for small lamps, vases and other objects.
The storage units which better represent the originality of these products and their refined design are Oomo and Sigmund.
The shape, position of the incisions and holes in Oomo fronts strongly remind a face: doors with two eyes, a nose and a mouth; moreover the structure remind legs.

Oomo storage unit

Once open, the door hides inside two compartments which can hold different objects according to the environment of the house. Extremely functional and versatile!
Sigmund is a storage unit with casters, easy to move, equipped with two convenient drawers.

Sigmund storage unit with casters

Thanks to its height and its features it is perfect for the office, next to the desk but it can also be placed inside a kids bedroom, for the storage of coloured crayons, drawings and comic books. Holes and cuts are here replaced with geometric shapes which, other than representing the eyes, nose and mouth of an hypothetical face, make the opening easy.

These animate storage units belong to Neotoi Family collection by Emporium created by Roberto Giacomucci and are only a part of the furniture pieces he created and designed.
Don't miss out the next article about this collection, for other innovative ideas on how to furnish the house.
See you soon.

Friday, November 29, 2013

A house in black and white

A house in black and white: a modern and always contemporary match of timeless elegance and refinement.
A "black and white" duo can be applied to any kind of furnishing style, and used to give a touch of personality to furniture, walls and accessories. Just like in "Pleasantville" we plunge into a house with a black and white bedroom, a black and white sitting room and... guess what? Black and white bathrooms, just to enlist some examples.

You can start designing your black and white house by looking at the sitting room: Glide total white design sofa with black cushions and optical tapestry.
And if the black and white binomial makes you think of the old-styled comics, Happyhour bergère armchair by Modà is definitely your choice!
A wall system with integrated writing desk for the living room. Glossy white elements combined with a Plan wall writing desk coming in dark oak.
Inside the dining room you can play with several elements, starting from the table to which you can match chairs coming in a matching or contrasting finish. 

Slim is a modern table with essential lines, here below matched with Delfy black chairs. All by Ciacci Kreaty.
If you wish to play with an optical match, Minima chairs are perfect: a design coming directly from the 60s as it should be when it comes to optical black and white patterns.
Black and white bathrooms represent a classic. Fusion is a classic, but not in the literal meaning of the word, as it is an modern piece of furniture which matches black and white colours in an extremely refined way.
For the bedrooms and kids bedrooms there is plenty of options!!
Mail bed with upholstered headboard
Maverick single bed for a black and white kids bedroom.
Avenue white wardrobe to which you can match a two-coloured carpet. To note: Eames design armchair coming in a white version!

Among the accessories the choice is obviously wide. We have chosen Snow rug for you, with white pon pons coming on a black background, and the couple of Tree design coat stands. All coming in black and white... clearly!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Extending Console Tables: "socialite" furniture pieces

Today I'd like to talk about two extending console tables which will change your life, at least from a domestic point of view: Convivium and Party, two console tables by Cattelan Italia and new entries of Arredaclick rich collection of extending console tables
The feeling of feast, celebration and gathering is immediately conveyed thanks to their names: these are "social" console tables, ready to transform themselves into wide dining tables, according to your needs and the different occasions.
Both console tables are only 50 cm deep, for a width of 100 or 130 cm. Once you open one of them be prepared for the surprise: Convivium and Party become real dining tables able to reach a length of 3 metres and welcome comfortably up to 12 people. The extensions are externals and are stored inside a convenient case. With a console table extending up to 3 metres the cases are two. 

Convivum and Party are multi-purpose furniture thought to furnish a house where the spaces need to be smartly organized. Great to look at and very easy to use, these two console tables feature an extremely accurate design in two different styles: Convivum has a quite strict shape similar to a sculpture, which makes it elegant and formal, Party comes with an essential and modern design.
The structure is the characterizing element of both console tables. 
Convivium has two powerful legs in satin-finished stainless steel or white and graphite embossed paint, giving the furniture an extremely trendy industrial-chic look.
Convivium extending console table

Convivium extending console table
Party is definitely more casual, with a structure composed by thin legs on both sides: once turned into a table the legs separate supporting the three metres top. The structure is made of steel with a white or graphite embossed finish. 
Party extending console table
Party extending console table

These console tables gather different furnishing solutions inside a single piece: a refined Made in Italy design furniture, a space-saving table, a modern and elegant console table for the entrance hall, a wide and absolutely stunning dining table.
Just be careful though, try not to spread the voice with your friends too much or you'll risk to always have them around... remember these extending console tables can host up to 12 people, party crashers included!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Furniture for a Vintage House in a "Mad Men" style

At the beginning there was Sex and the City with its unbelievable walk-in closets. Since 2008 Mad Men TV show has radically changed the face of television and it has influenced the trends regarding interior design. The Vintage house is back, together with its vintage furniture, the predominance of wooden and metal materials, the essential yet kitsch atmospheres of the 50s and 60s.
These were the years of the proud and triumphal America, of the self-made man "all cigarettes and scotch" no matter what.

Furnishing a house in a Mad Men style means choosing a design which has made history: Mies Van der Rohe, Charles Eames, Eileen Gray, Marcel Breuer, Eero Saarinen, Alvar Aalto. Don Draper's office is a jubilation of American modernism, which ranges from the wooden and rattan chairs - reminding of Breuer's Cesca - to the dark wooden sideboard used as a bar unit.

The provocative secretary Joan often sits on coloured plastic chairs - which were designed during those years by Charles Eames , whereas Draper's wife tells her matrimonial life on a Day bed of Mies Van der Rohe.

The TV series has made of the careful attention to design details nearly its obsession. The ultra chic apartment of Don Draper is featured with Wire metal Chairs, designed by Eames and Bertoia, whose shapes have been reinterpreted also by Magis in its Piña chairs.

And obviously the black or white leather sofa which featured every house and office environment in those years, is a must-have... even better if it comes in a Chesterfield style!

The sofa was often accompanied by the armchair with footrest designed by Eames, - upon which the father could read the newspaper and smoke the tobacco pipe-, or by Wassily leather and metal chairs, originally designed by Breuer for Kandinsky painter, and thoroughly used as guest chairs inside the waiting rooms of almost every American postwar offices, which at that time were struggling for success at all costs.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Modern and Functional Extending Tables: Greetings from Germany

Essential and pure, Kronos extending table is definitely a beautiful and functional Italian design table... it's almost impossible not to fall in love with it.
Only two months of life and already leaving for Germany! Its owner sent us photos to show it arrived safe and sound, very satisfied by the trip and ready to host up to 8 people!
After all an extending table must be ready to face all the challenges of everyday life...

Kronos Extending Table

Kronos extending table

Our extremely kind German customer did a great job in combining the minimalist style of this table with design chairs characterized by a 70s vibe.

Kronos is available in many models. Fixed, extendable, in different widths and lengths, equipped with different models of legs and a huge selection of colours and materials. This customer chose a sober white extra-clear glass table, with legs in brushed aluminium.
Modern and elegant at the same time!

Kronos extending table

Have a look at the detailed photo of the structure in brushed aluminium. These are the photos we like the most: first of all because they clearly show details that are usually ignored in photographic shoots and second because, we will never get tired of saying this, details make the difference. Especially in extending tables it is necessary to choose a quality product, also to avoid not so pleasant surprises after just a few days of using the extending mechanism.

So Danke Schön to our German customer and we hope her photos are an encouragement for everyone: send us photos of the products you've purchased we can't wait to receive them and we promise we will put them in good use!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bonaldo upholstered beds, refined and innovative design solutions

Let's begin with a statement. 
There are several bed models: single, double, large single beds but also canopy, round, french, king size beds... what makes the difference is that Bonaldo double beds represent real design solutions. The willingness to experiment new materials and shapes, together with a new interpretation of traditional domestic needs, are the key features of Bonaldo upholstered beds; innovative and extremely functional furniture solutions! There's enough for every taste and style; versatility and practicity are the keywords.
So, let's start having a look at some wonderful examples.
For those who love a minimal design but don't want to renounce to a touch of modernity and customization Contrast bed is the ideal solution.
The remarkable and wide upholstered headboard with removable cover is supported by metal tubes which, together with the feet, enlighten the structure from a visual point of view, giving it a modern yet essential look. The headboard is available in a smooth or quilted model, in a wide range of colours to meet several aesthetic tastes. It is possible to incorporate to its sides one or two functional tables for a nighstand use, also matched with low big drawers slotting under the structure to provide room and usable surfaces at the same time.
The headboard stands out in Basket bed too: shaped and rounded on its sides, wrapping and welcoming, upholstered and with a removable cover.
Basket is a classic upholstered bed which offers the possibility to include an always useful storage box inside the bed-ring.
For those who wish a more sober and essential style, Joe bed offers the right solution. The simplicity and harmony of its shapes, underlined and marked by the hemmed profile which contrasts the upholstery, together with elegance and sobriety are the main features of this bed. Thanks to its two-coloured cover, this bed can meet also the needs of those looking for more original and refined result; by matching leather and a coloured profile you will obtain a bed with an elegant, refined and detailed style.
The upholstered and removable cover is available in fabric, leather or eco-leather whereas the headboard can come in a high quilted or low smooth model.
To achieve a touch of colour and customization you can also choose Amos bed; its decorative profile, which follows and outlines the bed-ring and the headboard will create a coloured and wrapping line.
Amos is a bed with a young and modern design, suitable for a trendy environment: the low structure, which is almost at a floor level, the headboard with a remarkable thickness and the extremely original soft lines are characteristics of this exclusive design product.
The highest degree of comfort and softness is represented by Fluff bed, which is featured with a peculiar upholstery in soft feather and rounded welcoming lines.
Available in five measurements, several materials and colours, this product is extremely customizable and manufactured with a great care for details: recessed mattress, headboard made up of one or two cushions, pinched stitching...
Last but not least in our beds list, the grounding values of Bonaldo company are all perfectly represented by Squaring bed: essential geometric shapes, highest degree in customization and versatility, reinterpretation of classics, exclusive design, combination of creativity and innovation.
Squaring is a modular and modern upholstered bed with a squared patterend quilted cover and a peninsula which can be placed in its back or lateral part serving the purpose of a headboard or a resting surface. It is possible to vary the height of the bed base and the mattress, which can be recessed to get a more modern design or let stick out from the bed-ring to obtain a more traditional look. Thanks to its peculiar shape and structure, Squaring can be placed in the middle of the room or inside an open space to mark and give a touch of exclusivity to the environment.

So let Bonaldo beds comfort you and welcome in their soft arms!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Five years of Italian Design Furniture: Happy Birthday ArredaClick!

Today, October the 22nd, is ArredaClick's 5th Birthday and we would like to celebrate these great past years and share with you the accomplishments we achieved by bringing Italian Design Furniture almost everywhere!

We started with a clear idea in mind, a furniture online store able to offer a great selection of products which can be purchased in complete autonomy (but always with a Customer Care at disposal for any kind of help of course!) at highly competitive prices.

Through the years these concepts have been carried out and developed thanks to the addition of hundreds of new products and collections - literally meeting every kind of taste and need - and also thanks to the addition of precious team members sharing with us the same passion and love, which helped us improve constantly our services.

We usually don't like to talk numbers but in this case we're so proud we are going to make an exception: our Italian Furniture Shop has been visited more than 4 million times (for sake of precision 4.170.000) and we served more than 10.000 customers worldwide, from Italy to Hong Kong!

We're proud, we're passionate, we're good and we believe that what we offer is an exceptional tool to purchase with ease and in complete safety Italian furniture with competent support teams at disposal and transparent yet competitive prices.

As a gift for our birthday we made a spectacular photo shoot you can view directly inside the About Us page of our website, check also the Backstage video and meet our teams!

For the blog only, here's a special backstage photo of the European Markets Team, Monica and I are in this one, guess who's who!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Variér Ergonomic Chairs: Ty Pennington winks at Norway's Finest Furniture

Variér is a Scandinavian company, specialized in the manufacturing of ergonomic chairs and stools for the house, home office and office contexts. It was established in 2006 but it has been actually on the market since 1979 with the brand Stokke. Today Stokke deals with the creation of top-class strollers and baby accessories, whereas Variér specialized in adult and kids chairs, now working in 36 countries, giving comfort to students and workers during their intense sitting sessions.

Ok, so we got to know Variér... but who's Ty Pennington? He is the anchor-man of widely famous TV shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, an ABC - Endemol co-production, broadcast by Sky UK in the United Kingdom. Pennington is also the author of How Good Design Can Change Your Life best-seller book (Simon & Schuster).
There is nothing more truth than this: a good design can change your life for the better and in this case it seems that Ty Pennington has Variér ergonomic chairs in his mind!

Aside the fabulous hotel in which Ty spent his spare time during his trip to Norway, and the kisses which he gave to the upholsteries (someone could say these were lucky!), the visit to Variér manufacturing headquarters is a glimpse on how the "fabric of the future" should look like: high-quality materials, long lasting products, extended use of recycled and recyclable materials, liveable spaces, packaging reduced to its smallest degree.
And these were the concepts expressed also by Oystein Soraas - one of Variér's managers, who appears also in this video - when he visited our offices, together with the entire Variér's management, in July. Needless to say it was a great and satisfactory experience for us!
The Scandinavian Design met the Online Italian Furniture!

Variér chairs are futuristic because they are designed to increase the well-being of homo-sapiens-sapiens who is becoming more and more inactive as time goes by. So, could we talk about Homo-sedens? Maybe it is the case!
Studying and working increase the risk of taking bad habits in terms of postures and sitting positions. But people who have to stand on their feet for a long time experience the same problems too!
Variér's products are designed to make living more comfortable to a wide range of audience: kids, employees, directors, workers, writers, artists, cookers, housewives (who will be surely "less desperate" with these chairs!)
With Variér ergonomic chairs it will be "mandatory" to keep the correct posture in any moment of the day, no matter what you do. Just like an old teacher shouting you to sit down properly behind your school desk. Ok, those weren't so nice and loveable... and we can say that Variér is an improvement for sure!
So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at Variér, then!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Bonaldo chairs: creativity, design and innovation

ArredaClick has been collaborating with Bonaldo for a very long time, during these years we madly fell in love with their products, and for this reason we would like to dedicate an article of one of their most important pieces: Bonaldo chairs.
In 1996 the company won Young & Design Award thanks to Più chair and from that moment on they kept designing and creating new chairs by following three main values: creativity, quality and innovation. With each project, Bonaldo matches its passion to technique, technological and handicraft processes, simplicity and materials experimentation; all these things can be managed also thanks to the collaboration with national and international designers such as Alain Gilles, Karim Rashid and Mauro Lipparini.

My Time chair is an upholstered chair whose materials and colours follow the latest market trends. Customize the chair following your taste and by choosing from a huge selection of leather, eco-leather or fabric colours. Completely removable fabric cover together with modern and trendy lines make My Time a perfect choice for young flats.

My Time chair by Bonaldo

Are you looking for a simple practical chair but you still want to have something elegant to show to your friends? Kamar chair is perfect, an upholstered chair with a decorative zip, a slightly curved backrest which follow the line of the body and an opening which makes the design lighter. A mix of elements joined together in harmony.

Kamar chair by Bonaldo

Kamar chair by Bonaldo

Bonaldo researches on design and on the use of different materials brought to the creation of Loto and Razor chairs.
Loto chair is the example of how the research on materials and a beautiful aesthetic can be merged together to compose a useful and functional furniture piece.
A single structure in plastic material matched with wooden legs create a chair with a sturdy structure but with a graceful line. 

Loto chair by Bonaldo

Razor chair with its crossed sled base well expresses the creative approach of Bonaldo chairs. The seat padding is only apparently in contrast with the metal structure, since the two materials are as a matter of fact in harmony with each other. The modern and original design, the combination of materials as well as the refined shapes are yet another example of Bonaldo values.

Razor chair by Bonaldo

Filly chair shows another strong characteristic of this firm: its eclecticism. In order to satisfy the needs of everyone this chair is available in a standard model, with high back, large seat, in an armchair model with armrests and also as a stool, all three versions coming with an elegant and modern design, visible stitching and a great seat comfort.

Filly chair by Bonaldo

Bonaldo chairs are so great we could keep on talking about them for hours... however it's time to say goodbye and I would love to do it with one last model By chair. This chair matches classic with modern and
gathers several features in one single piece: care for details, a matching of different materials, a study on the shapes, selection of colours and models, elegance, refined design as well as convenience.

By chair by Bonaldo

By chair by Bonaldo

Friday, October 4, 2013

Kitchen Tables. Functional, beautiful, stylish.

The kitchen is not only a place in which experience the wonderful and satisfactory moment of the dinner, it is a convivial space, in which you stay together with your family or friends. In this informal environment it is easy to chat, discuss and have fun: with your own partner while cooking, with your kids while helping them doing their homeworks, with friends while preparing appetizers or uncorking a bottle of wine.
So where can you conveniently meet to do all this? Obviously on a kitchen table! So let's see how to choose it in the proper way.

Materials: the strongest and the scratch-resistant ones
The table is mostly used as a "serving furniture": a real working surface. If you are one of those who see the table as a multipurpose furniture item, you will have to pay a double attention in choosing the top material, with a preference for a laminate one. This doesn't mean renouncing to wood or glass, but simply treat them with more care!

Tops which are 100% scratch and weary resistant through time don't exist, time and ordinary usage can be tricky to any kind of material; in any case, if you know that you are quite intolerant to scratches, you can decide for a table such as Slim, which gives you the possibility to choose a HPL high-resistance laminate top. Another suitable solution is a table with an MDF top, just like Porta Venezia, which combines design, functionality and tradition.

Another expedient would be choosing a material which can conceal the possible scratches, such as the tranché melamine of kitchen tables like Hide, whose name speaks out the truth! The tranchè finish shows in fact a striped texture reproducing wood grains.

Obviously this doesn't mean that you can't put a wooden table inside your kitchen, most of all in a classic and rustic one. Functionality and resistance are two key factors but you don't have to renounce to aesthetics, especially in two or single-room apartments where the kitchen table has to serve also the purpose of a table for the sitting room! If you don't wish to renounce to the elegance of glass, you can choose among kitchen tables, such as Dublino one, coming in scratch-resistant glass.

Modern and Classic Kitchen Tables
This choice depends upon your taste and the environments in which the table has to be placed. The material does not represent an obstacle because there are kitchen tables made of wood, glass, metal, stone and even plastic materials, ideal for both classic and modern kitchens thanks to their shapes and details.
What comes up immediately to one's mind in choosing furniture for a modern kitchen is the glass table, with aluminium legs or inserts, for example have a look at Fli.
In addition, the modern kitchen allows to dare and play with brave and creative or trendy colour combinations. The perfect example of this is represented by Easy, suitable for modern or contemporary kitchens, in which the ideal lines are simple and essential, almost minimalist!

For classic, country and rustic environments the wood is the top material for excellence. Solid wood with a raw look or decapè, embossed, open pore lacquered finish in sober and natural colors for a shabby chic style? The design of the tables can recall the shapes of tradition, leading to products with simple "tavern" shapes or enriched by turned legs and inlays. Cosimo, for example, shows a simple and country-inspired design. The top is in MDF covered with hand-consumed solid oak wood and treated with a natural transparent coating which makes it ideal for an ordinary use inside the kitchen.

For a modern country environment you can combine also different materials to achieve an unexpected effect of remarkable elegance and refinement. Kitchen tables such as Tirol creates a valuable corner in extremely refined kitchens.
The legs come in aged fir wood, whereas the top is in glass. This table is the classic example of how modern and classic style can harmoniously cohexist.

And what should you do when you are about to furnish a relatively small kitchen?
If you have a two-room apartment, a small open space or a one-room environment, it is imperative to optimize the space. Among the latest trends one of the most appreciated ones is the peninsula kitchen table, which is the typical American solution. Maybe a customized one such as Mary, which is able to meet any kind of space need. The top is fixed to the wall and the leg is height adjustable.